Hello, Earn To Die 2013 is under its own way. Gamers who love interesting and addictive games, should also love Earn to die. The zombie apocalypse was all over the world and only one human survived. That guy are you mate. As it is mentioned above, Earn to die 2013 year 2015 is the action game about zombies.

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Almost all population of the earth became zombies, and there is the chance that all people can die. You are the only hope of the escaped men, but you are committed in one of the deserts of USA. You have a garage in which there are some cars, but at first, only a smallest car is ready to use. You start playing with it, and of course with the small car you cannot go far from garage. But you are able to kill some zombies to earn money for new details and features.

As many times you try as far you can go from desert. After the first few tours, you will get points and cash to buy things in the market.There are new upgraded cars and tools to update the performance of your current car. like: Wheels, engine and so on. After smashing some dirty zombie hordes and getting big cash, you can unlock really big cars and became much more stronger.


Players need to use only few keys to play Earn To Die, but anyway we want to provide all information about the game, to make navigation of the game easier for our customers. To drive the car you need Array keys. Press:

  • UP arrow key to go

  • Down arrow key for brakes

  • Left arrow key to tilt up

  • Right arrow key to tilt down

As in every version of earn to die there are booster, you also need to know that to boost your car you should press – X key or CTRL key.

Gameplay of earn to die 2013, year 2015 and 2016

As we are oriented to give maximum comfort to our visitors, I will try to write about every detail of the gameplay of Earn To Die game. The menu of the game is very simple. There are several buttons, like - Start new Story mode, Challenge mode and Turn off music and sound. But you should know, if you are starter and play the game for first time, you cannot start playing Challenge mode, before you finish Story mode.

So do your best to give yourself a chance to enjoy all parts of the Earn to die. Now it is time to look inside the game. There are three different cars: Small Hatchback, Old Good Pickup and Cool Heavy Truck. You can buy new features and parts of the cars in the shop. There are list of items what you are able to buy: Booster, Wheels, Transmissions, Engines and Weapons. So play many times to get the money for buying all the staff.

Our website became the leading website of earn to die game and visitors love it. You can see their comments and ideas about the game. We provided all the versions of Earn To Die, and that is not all. We are going to provide newer versions as fast as it would be possible.

On This website, you can also see other versions of that awesome and cool game. So, try all of them and have fun.