Yo, Earn To die 2013 is under its own way. The gamers who love very interesting and addictive games, love also Earn to die. The zombie apocalypse was all over the world and only one human survived. Thats you mate. Now, it is on you to go from Point A to the safe place. Zombies will come to kill you, but don't hesitate and kill them all.

After the first tours, you will get points and cash to buy things in the market. There are new upgraded cars and also tools to update your current car's performance, like wheels, engine and so on. After smashing some dirty zombie hordes and get big cash, you can unlock real stuff in this game and became much more stronger.

Like, if you get new Bus, it is faster than old cars and it is possible to complete one level to another.

This version for now is the newest version of Earn to Die 2013. We will upload new versions as they became available for public.

On This website, you can also see other versions of that awesome and cool game. So, try all of them and have fun.