Our team decided to add more versions of Earn to die games, so I want to introduce about one of the most popular versions - Earn to die 2.The world are full of surprises and funny things, but everyone is still dreaming about something special to recess their feelings and for that, they are dreaming to see zombie apocalypse.

Why? because everyone wants to kill zombies with awesome ways and feel mad and joy at the same time because it's so awesome and no one will gonna arrest you for that and zombie slaughter can be hero too.

There are lots of games about it, where your jobs is to shoot zombies and actually fight them in the dirty way, but what if you have more delicious interest and wanna something special concept for your funny time?! Like driving army cars and trucks like a crazy with zombies head on the roof or crush their skulls with barbed wheels in slow motion and let them fire with rocket flame throwers.

Earn to die 2 is perfect solution to annihilation and slaying every piece of bloody zombies and make a bloodbath in your feet, but do this on most funny and entertaining ways. That is best plus of Earn to die developers and they bought you best way to do this.

About Earn To Die 2 Storyline

The developers of the game are creating most amazing environment and situation all the time. All of their storylines are particular and cool. In this time, the earth is still dangerous and zombies are everywhere. You are flying to the safe zone, but your helicopter is out of gasoline and you have to continue your crazy journey with something movable, what can be found in the desert dash.

Like as the first game, Second version game storyline takes place near the Oregon military base, which is surrounded by everything bad and awful, like zombies, hot deadly sand, explosive barrels and so many hostile things, but guess what? you still need to get in the base and fly away on this massacre by helicopter and find a safe place. To do that, you have a garage, full of most amazing and beautiful muscle cars. Some of them are new and have so cool updates, like new tires and boosts. Also garage is full with guns and fastest engines, but you need to deserve them with killing zombies as much as possible. For that, you have unmounted time and rounds and just need to be calm and patient.

Gameplay, Graphics and Design

What is a game about zombies without blood and guns, right?! But that details have to be made so realistic and clear-sighted. Earn to die 2 is a best example of this, because creators put a lot effort to make a new game with cool graphics and sounds. In this game, every voice is so realistic, like shotgun fires and zombie screams and also colors and motions is so amazing. You get a full imaginative sight and cool motivation to keep playing, after seeing this graphic work. Also car textures are so relative and modern, like a new models and styles of every detail, even a wheel are advanced on the last level.

How To Play

There are new zombie types, guns, chainsaws and of course, new big toys with big wheels and as every 2D-side games, Earn to die 2 controls are also so simple and with the arrow keys. For the rush and regulate speed, you have to use Up arrow key, for the tilt and maintain car balance, you have to press Right and Left arrow keys and also there is extra button X for boost, but be careful and always look a dashboard while using it.

You as a brave soldier and a driver, have to reach a checkpoints, but its a hard and every failure gives you cash for trying. So, you can spend that money on upgrades, like buy new engines, bigger wheels, boost and try again. After you finally arrive at checkpoint, your map will be renewed and you get a new location to conquer. Good luck.