Almost everyone of us want to do some warrantless job and feel full freedom with it, each action gamer's dream is to do some illegal and crazy stuff in real life and every racer gamer's fantasy is to drive even a school car and push a full speed.

So, the developers as always made our dreams come true and create a game, where you can run over a zombie army with ordinary school bus and nobody will arrest you for this and also the contrary, you'll be a hero if you do this good and crush too many zombie heads with your wheels.

Earn to die 2012 is a best version of its awesome series and it's a so cool opportunity to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse, because this game is full of entertaining ways to how kill a zombie and how to survive in the terrifying desert with only your car.

If you are not afraid to go through the whole zombie army or destroy their generals with your chainsaws and blow up big walls. So, if you need insane hours of happiness and joy, you have to definitely play this game.
The controls in this game are simple. For going forward, you need to press Up Arrow Key and for your car's tilt, you have to use Left and Right Arrow Keys. Also, to bust, you have to push X.

The perfect scenario

The main idea of this game is that, you have to survive and go at the safe army base in Oregon, but it's not easy, because Earn to Die 2012 scenario takes place in the desert of Texas, which is a death trap and full of zombies. This is a place, where you have to land, after your helicopter is out of gas and you need to find new moving transport here, which is rare of course. But, in the middle of deadly desert, there is a secret garage, where is stored world's last limited resources and you have to fight for to them.

Most importantly, this game have whole new types of zombies and your time while fight them will be fun and challenging for your skills. This is a new plot twist for Earn to die 2012, developers has created a zombie generals and just smart zombies, who will jump on your car and slow you down and make you to burn more fuel, so your new mission is to don't let them jump on your car, but for getting away with that, there is a new cars with their advanced engines and boosts, also new guns and some other toys to have fun with war.

It has really awesome design

Earn to die 2012 is a whole new word of 2D side flash game engines, with new modern style combats versus zombies. In this game, you need to complete road with full of zombies and get a checkpoint places as fast as you and your car can. So, after every round, the game will give you cash for your covered distance and killed zombies heads and with this money, you can upgrade your car with new wheels, engines and chainsaws, which needs you most to break upgraded walls and barricades. As always, Not doppler development is so overclassed in graphics and like their other works, this game is also so beautiful and with modern-style textures. The music is full of motivation and gives you reason to go further and further.