The newest version for only our visitors. Earn To Die 3 has almost million search every month and people are crazy on this game. You are right, to come here, because we have already 3 version of this awesome and powerful game. For newbies: this game is about zombie and car crashes, you can upgrade your skills and equipment to destroy zombie hordes.

Here is some different situation if we compare it to the previous versions. In this part of the game, you can purchase and upgrade to the bigger cars, than we had in the old versions. There are some new parts of the car and you can improve your power.

To use turbo speed, you can use X or CTRL keys on your keyboard. There are much more features to see,but you need to unlock and open new levels. So, don't waste time reading this stuff and start the game.

It is really cool version and please share your opinions and wishes via our facebook comment system.

If you open new levels, let us know. Also, add your wishes to see how can we improve the game.