Games about fighting against zombies and killing them in the astonishing ways is the most exciting time killer and best way to relax. Every Gamers dream come true, because the developers have released a whole new version of most famous and craziest game in its genres - Earn to Die 3.

When the first version of this game is released, every player fall in love with this game, because of its amazing Storyline and Gameplay was one of the best in the gaming world and be most selling game in the app market.

The reason of that is simply, once you play this game, you'll become so addicted to finishing it and that it's not as easy as you think. Why? because Earn to Die 3 is full of fun toys and so many cool missions with awesome plot.

let us tell you about the controls.

  • To rush, you need to press Up Arrow key
  • For Tilt, you have to use the Right and Left Arrow keys and unlike previous versions, tilt in this game is really useful and will help you to break strong barriers.
  • When you buy boost, for use it, you have to press X.

  • What is the main point of the game ?!

    If you have played previous versions of this game, you know the story of earth's apocalypse, but if you don't, let me tell you. The whole planet is collapsed after undeads army's attack and every big city is fallen. There are zombies in every corner and your character is one brave army private, who has fought them since the first day and become a hero of his people. The story is starting in first game, where your soldier is flying by helicopter to Oregon base for save a unarmed civilians and get them safety with the airplane, but fuel in the tank is out and he has to be stopped and land in the bloody desert in Texas. But there, he discovers an awesome garage, which is full of cars and fun toys, like guns and super engines, so he continues his journey with car and every day getting further and further. After some time, he finally reaches base, but it's overtaken by zombies already. So, this is where the fourth games story take places and in this game, you need to get an Exodus military base, but it's not a big problem, because your current base is full of whole new cars and best engines.

    Lets Look into the game

    While every Earn to Die version is pleasant and excellent, this one is particularly addictive because new features of Gameplay. There is new vehicles, like a big army car and giant trucks, but the best news is, when you start the game, you don't need to play with old bad trash as first versions, there you have a fire truck which is so awesome and already have good engines, also you can improve this car with big chainsaws and guns, but of course there is a better engine and transmissions for first car at the beginning.

    Earn to Die 3 have little different type of play. Unlike past version, you can't buy a new car, until you reach the checkpoint and new station, where advanced car waiting for a rider and you get this vehicle a free for finishing one road. But, there is another distinction, when you finish a road and get a new car, it's automatically become a primary and then you can't play with previous updated vehicle, in other words, you need to play every round with a new car, but it's not a so bad thing, because each new car is more awesome.

    Graphics in Earn to Die is more advanced than the last version. There are new zombies with army general uniforms and also developers create whole new zombie type and its a huge beast, who will break your car, if you don't update it good enough, so good luck with that. Also, music is hard-rock style and gives you motivation to play until you reach the finish point.