Hello everyone, some weeks ago there was published the new version of earn to die game and I want to add it on our website. This flash game is brand of zombie games, for me it is like Coca-cola in the soft drinks. So, as Coca-cola cannot become worse when they change packing as Earn to die part 2 can't be worse than previous ones.

For me and for many other people this version of the game, is the same one, but with new possibilities, new cars, and features for them. The action takes place in the heart of zombie crowd.

You are a hero who was arrived there by helicopter. The only safe place in this urban area is a garage, where you have three cars with no gas and features at first. First car you can use is a sedan with very little amount gas in the tank.

You may ask, how you can get money for features, gas and for new cars?! Only way to get money is kill zombies who are on your way. After several tries you would get money on which you can by new details for your car. For ex: You can buy better engine, better gearbox, wheels and so one. There also are extra features, like – Zombie kit, gun and boost, they help you kill zombies.

Earn to die part 2 is the new step in Earn to die games saga. I think that it is a big step and when you play the game you will agree with me, I am sure.

Good luck…